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Our patients were asked:

“How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”

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0 responses in 31 days


  • excellent service

  • because it is good but no one lives in or near our village

  • [ways received the best advice and treatment

  • Excellent care in dispensary

  • I feel I am treated with respect staff treat me well.

  • Been a patient here for many many years with stafff and doctor changes. I have never ahd acuse to complain. Very friendly and helpful practice.

  • Very flexible thank you

  • Dr Parkinnen has been very supportive to me over the last few months with my illness and I really appreciate her help and kindness and would like to thank her for everythign she has done for me.

  • Very flexible

  • Staff always polite cheerful and helpful

  • All right up till now

  • hard work and efort is clearly put in by the staff, i am well cared for here and i fel respected by the staff

  • i feel i get good service from the staf working here, they always succed to met my needs

  • good staff

  • friendly,caring staff

  • Consistently high quality

  • comprehensive description of illness

  • i am more than happy to be with dr wylie could not recomend the surgery highly enough

  • care given by he doctors is briliant

  • always get to se my preferred gp and always fel i am given excellent advice and treatment

  • I am very satisfied and respect staff also Dr Wylie is exceptional and thorough

  • always received excellent attention

  • better than some

  • The practice has had a succession of high quality health professionals over many years

  • the problems i have had with my partner have ben raly wrrying but our gp dr whylehas ben there evry step of the way he is a fantastic gp/

  • fast service cntinuty of care

  • the doctor was excellnt shame about the wait for appointment

  • its better than some

  • great surgery


  • Very responsive service and, I think it's improving. I'm afraid that new computer system is simply not flexible enough to deal with requests out of the ordinary and support staff are sometimes frustrated by needs that don't fit comfortably into that system.

  • top service

  • Never been let down yet by the GP's.

  • late for my apiontment but seen anyway

  • excellent service, friendly staff

  • I have received exceptional service throughout my lifetime and recently, when diagnosed with aortitis, an obscure illness, the support given to me by my doctors and nursing staff has been fantastic. I applaud the care and commitment of all staff in the practice.

  • Always seen when we need to be and well run happy practice

  • opened door even thoughclosed for staff training, thankyou

  • excellent doctor - dr wylie

  • doctors are very good when you can get to see them. but office and reception staff not so good, repeat prescriptions not getting done fully or missed altogether. forms for doctor to fill in not getting to the right place or left for weeks then just excuses when you ask where they are.

  • good

  • There is always an excellent service and the chance to have an appointment on the same day in urgent cases. The doctors are very knowledgeable, particularly Dr Wylie.

How your feedback has helped us improve

  • We aim to provide an excellent service and to ensure that all patients are seen by the right person at the right time. The practice is making changes to the repeat prescription ordering system and plans to go live with electronic prescribing mid March 2015